Calculating the number of bikes you need


People who like bicycles seem to collect them the way cat lovers collect cats. I still own the first bicycle I bought in 1975, a Raleigh Competition. I peddled it across Canada in 1977 on sew up tires. The formula for how many bicycles one should own, x, is described by the equation x = n + 1 where n is equal to the number of bikes you already own. Members of my family, which include someone with a PhD in statistics and another with a degree in engineering, do not agree with me. When I saw this bike tonight in Vancouver I was puzzled. Would the formula need to change with this bike?


1 thought on “Calculating the number of bikes you need

  1. In our household, the formula is more like x = 1, meaning, for every bicycle you purchase, one must leave the premises. Hence my collector’s Pashley was sold on Craigslist (in two seconds flat at a high price, mystifying my husband, who has no clue about Pashleys) to make way for my motor-assisted Khalkoff.

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