Fully Loaded

With one week left to the start of the trip and lots to do in between, I realized it was time to do a fully loaded quick trip. First, I assembled everything in one place to figure out how to distribute everything I will take on the trip. It looks like this.


Next I distribute it among the four panniers.


And then go get the fish scale to see how much each bag weighs. The two front panniers a bit over 2kg each and the two rear bags a bit over 3kg each. So, all the gear is about 11kg. I am relieved as I wanted to keep it under 25 pounds and it looks like I will be able to do it.

The test run of 25km from Pearson College to the Sooke Potholes on the Galloping Goose Trail goes well except for misjudging my new width when I jam the front pack on a big rock taking a tight turn. As I was climbing a hill the sudden stop was at low speed. The only equipment failure was my front light. It kept shutting itself off. It was well after sunset when I left so I could not continue without a light. Fortunately I had a backup headlamp.

My first ever set up of the Hilleberg Akto tent goes well even in the dark. It rained lightly all night but everything was dry and warm in the tent. It is one of the lightest all season tents made. A great place to sleep and it has a vestibule for gear but not enough headroom for me – at 193cm or 6’4″ to sit up without hitting the top of the tent.

Here it is at 6am.


Returning to the College, I am reminded of the beauty that surrounds this part of BC. I know i will long for this lush and moist ecosystem when crossing the prairies this summer.




And I will miss the trestle bridges too.



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