East of Edson

It rained and rained through the night and morning so I just waited it out and got onto dry roads at about 1:30 pm. But after a few kilometers of climbing look what I see.


Are you thinking what I’m thinking? More or less downhill now for a long long time. And more oxygen with each breath I take.

The ride from outside Hinton to Edson is smooth with a wee tailwind and a few brief showers. The landscape is getting flatter all the time.



I find a Thai restaurant in Edson then make my way about ten more kilometers to the East of Edson campground. Yes that is the name. But there is one hurdle. Chip seal.



This is the way they pave roads here. Lay down some sticky tar then put gravel on top for cars and trucks to grind into the tar. But it is a mess for cyclists. Loose gravel covers the road shoulder and the trucks kick up the gravel into your bike, legs, arms, face and ping, ping, ping, your helmet.

When I get off the highway and into the campground, it is like getting off a battlefield. Fortunately I am met with some kind campground managers who used to be lighthouse keepers. And a nice sunset as well.


And this sign should be included in the next edition of the book “Eats Shoots and Leaves.”


And once again I set up my tent, the only one in the campground.


Stats – for Tuesday 19 June 2012

Start: Hinton
Finish: Edson
Distance: 89 km
Average Speed: 20.9 km/hr
Time on Bike: 4:14
Distance to Date: 2,156 km

3 thoughts on “East of Edson

  1. David, It’s great to see that you have reached the pinnacle of your journey through the Rockies (Obed Summit) downhill all the way now as you say. Well done, we are with you every turn of your wheels. It’s a great story with wonderful photographs. Now for some respite for you crossing the Prairies we hope. We can only admire your tenacity in the teeth of adversity which you have already faced and coped with i.e. torrential rain, thunder and lightning, cold nights, strong headwinds, long uphill gradients, quiet lonely stretches of road, mad drivers, moments of loneliness and missing your family no doubt and not least the curse of our highways… loose stone chips! We are hanging on every post you make, of each days ride, with more news of your adventure and remember you are not alone, for sure you have a guardian angel riding with you!

    Good Luck, Jill & David, (Beaverview RV Park)

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