Summer Solstice

Fastest day ever so far. Most of the day I was well pushed along by a strong tailwind and was able to pedal with relative ease at 30 km/hr. Before leaving the campsite, I found this array curious as there were no campers around. Maybe they are expecting a big summer.


For the first time in a few weeks, I get to use this.


As I pedal along towards Isle Lake, 120 km away, it is all road, sky and favorable wind.


I find a petrol station that is so well stocked it carries pure coconut water. It’s good but doesn’t taste quite like when it comes fresh from the coconut


As the day wears on, I can see storm clouds chasing me from the northwest but they never catch me.


And my shadow chases me all day too.


I try not to rush the day and stop in and visit small towns. I stop in the little hamlet of Wildwood and while I am sitting on a bench in front of a little library, the librarian comes out to offer me tea and a fresh muffin and any research help I need. I forget to get her name and photo but did capture the little gift she brought out of the library for me. Oh the joys of tiny towns.


I reach Isle Lake in time for dinner and sunset on the lake. I am being hosted by the parents of Atlantic College alum, Marg Enders. Marg is there with her two alert young children. How generous for all of them to be part of this project connecting UWC alumni from all fifty years of its history.


And how wonderful to have a home cooked meal and a nice bed. A sweet ending to the summer solstice.



Stats – for Wednesday 20 June 2012

Start: Edson
End: Isle Lake
Distance: 120 km
Time on Bike: 5:07
Average Speed: 23.4 km/he a record so far)
Distance to Date: 2,277 km

3 thoughts on “Summer Solstice

  1. Seems as if you are getting into a nice groove now, David. Lovely final shot of the lake! And I love seeing all the great photos of our big beautiful country. How fortunate we are!

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