Storm Evaders

Awoke to rain and all sorts of severe weather warnings for this corner of Saskatchewan. All conditions were ripe for golf-ball sized hailstorms, heavy thunder and lightening, twisters and tornados. Clearly not a day to be on a bicycle, especially with limited visibility and roads with narrow or non-existent shoulders.



Rather than sit out the day in Macklin, we hatched a plan to go north and, if conditions are okay, pedal on the Yellowhead Highway again, with it’s wide shoulders. Unlike engaging in the increasingly popular sport of storm chasing, we play storm evading.

On the way we admire the metal work that goes into some of the signs along the roadways of Saskatchewan.


We make it to Maidstone and start from there. There is a strong crosswind and light rain but I manage to make it to Battleford where we spend the night. As I approach Battleford, I get to see utility poles cut in two by storms the day before, metal roofs torn from buildings scattered along the highway and linemen busy bringing power back to the city. There is one final thunderstorm before early evening when the weather warnings are finally lifted.

Stats – for Tuesday 26 June 2012

Start: Maidstone
Finish: North Battleford
Distance: 75 km
Time on Bike: 3:09
Average Speed: 23.8 km/hr
Distance to Date: 2,791 km

2 thoughts on “Storm Evaders

  1. David
    I have been catching up on your blog after a week or so, and am amazed to see how the distance is clocking up! Glad you’ve got Leisa with you for a while, and glad you managed to avoid the storms – parts of the UK have had some viscious weather in the last 48 hours too.

    It’s great to see you connecting with so many Pearson and UWC alumni and friends along the way. The Admissions and European regional meetings are going on at the moment in Budapest, and I am sure people there are thinking about you and talking about your exploits.

    • Hi Keith – thanks for reaching out and saying hello. It is going well and indeed is great to have Leisa with me for a while. D

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