Grand Grand Forks

A hot and fast run today from Lakota to Grand Forks, North Dakota. While it was blistering hot, the wind was strong and at my back so it was a quick ride of 120 km on the ample and mostly smooth road shoulder of Route 2 to the city that is home to the University of North Dakota.

On my way I see cattle doing what they can to stay cool in the midday sun.


I also spot a family of raccoons about to cross the highway so I double back and shoo them back where they came from.


One of them is reluctant and takes a bit of convincing.


It has been nearly 2,500 km since I checked the stretch of my chain so I make my way to the Ski and Bike Shop in Grand Forks. Turns out it was 100% of the maximum stretch. The staff at Ski and Bike were terrific and Erik quickly replaced the chain, took off the cheap oil the new one was coated with and lubricated it with Boeshield T-9, the same lubricant I have been using. It was great to chat with people really into bikes. Check out the leather apron on the other mechanic, Dave.


Found an okay meal at the Blue Moose Restaurant, one of dozens of restaurants that are now part of the revitalized riverbank section of Grand Forks following the massive river flooding in 1997. Several streets had been literally washed away and the city smartly turned them into a park rather than allow for reconstruction.

Stats – for Thursday 5 July 2012

Start: Lakota, North Dakota
Finish: Grand Forks, North Dakota
Distance: 120 km
Time on Bike: 4 hrs 47 min
Average Speed: 25.1 km/ hr
Distance to Date: 3,922 km

2 thoughts on “Grand Grand Forks

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