Canadian Shield Redux


Another hot day of up and down cycling through the Canadian Shield. Sometimes I am asked: Where have you encountered the toughest hills? The answer may surprise you. There have been two so far. One was today just before the town of Denbigh. It was about two or more kilometers long much of it at a 12% grade or higher. The road was newly paved, which made it smooth but also stifling hot. The other crazy big climb was just before the town of Inglis just after crossing the Assiniboine River in Manitoba. Yup, Manitoba.

The road flattens out about 40 km outside of the city of Renfrew. It is a day of getting in the distance, staying hydrated and, whenever possible, out of the sun. So few photographs on this hazy hot day on the Laurentian Plateau. But one concluding sunset in Renfrew. I am getting closer to another big milestone. Parliament Hill.


I work hard all day to make it so that Ottawa is within striking distance the next day.

Stats – for Saturday 21 July 2012

Start: Bancroft
Finish: Renfrew
Distance: 134
Time on Bike: 6 hrs 51 min
Average Speed: 19.4 km/hr
Distance to Date: 5,671 km

2 thoughts on “Canadian Shield Redux

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