Long Ride to Quebec City

I leave Berthierville earlier than what is usual for me and get pedaling before 8 am. The hotel I found the night before offered a substantial breakfast, which helped me prepare for a hot day that could be as long as 200 km if I cycle all the way through Quebec City then over the lone bridge to Ile d’Orleans.

It is good that I left early because of two added challenges, the heat and a headwind. Again I follow La Route Verte and go through many small villages, each with its silver steepled church that anchors each downtown.


As I am trying to pile on the miles and make it to Quebec City, I take few photographs. I did capture a bit of what it was like to cross one of the many small bridges, this one outside the town of St Anne de la Perade, a town known for its ice fishing. Not today.

I push on and on and make a stop for lunch at a roadside stand. The blueberries and the raspberries have just been picked and I eat a container full of each and my first massive order of Poutine. Maybe not the best choice on a hot day but a lot of calories to burn.

During the day I am in close contact with Peter Dunn, Pearson College Trustee and avid cyclist too. He will be hosting me during my visit to Quebec City. So that we can have dinner at a reasonable hour and I can avoid the bridge to Ile d’Orleans, which has no provision for cyclists, he greets me on the outskirts of the city with a car equipped with a bike rack. This is the first time the bike will be on a rack.


In bicycle-rider time scale, it seems like in a few minutes we are on the other side of the city and up and over the bridge.

We settle down to a wonderful meal and conversation with all things that are fresh and in season. All enjoyed outside in a lovely garden.


Stats – for Friday 27 July 2012

Start: Berthierville
Finish: Ile d’Orleans
Distance: 159 km
Time on Bike: 7 hrs 54 min
Average Speed: 20 km/hr
Distance to Date: 6,283 km

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