Along the St Lawrence

I get a real treat today. A person to ride with me all day. Peter Dunn joins me for my ride east along the St Lawrence River. We take the ferry from Quebec City to the town of Lévis the south shore.

The city and the ferry are full of cyclists on a sunny Sunday morning. Here is a plook back at the Chateau Frontenac from the ferry.


And the many cyclists getting off in Lévis.


Including these two intrepid ones about to embark on a 100 km ride.


The infrastructure for cyclists is wonderful, especially near the city. Separate dedicated paths complete with citizen patrollers making sure everyone follows the right safety protocols.




We face a fairly stiff and hot headwind all day. We get into a rhythm of switching the lead every two kilometers. It makes a big difference and also seems to make the time and distance go by quickly.

Here we can peak at the strength of the legs pushing up the hills and against the wind.


And even see them in motion, however briefly.

We make it to the town of Port Joli where I find the most beautiful campsite of the trip so far. Right on the shore of the St Lawrence River facing the setting sun.





Stats – for Sunday 29 July 2012

Start: Île d’Orléons
Finish : Port Joli
Distance: 98 km
Time on Bike: 4 hrs 57 min
Average Speed: 19.6 km/ hr
Distance to Date: 6,381 km

4 thoughts on “Along the St Lawrence

  1. An individual severely be sure it really is look truly simple with all the present business presentation nevertheless I uncover this make any difference to buy truly an immensely significant changing which in turn Personally i imagine I’d personally certainly not recognize. Seems like way too intricate and extremely huge in my opinion in person. I will be using a look ahead for your subsequent made available, I will be capable to attempt to possess the embrace than it!

  2. So glad you had that day with company, good trails, and a beautiful evening. I’ll be curious to hear what has happened since then. Sending you good wishes!

  3. Wow! Beautiful sunset! I am so impressed how Quebec has changed with respect to cycling: 30 years ago, cycling was almost suicidal (I know from experience). But look at how far the province has come in promoting cycling, particularly impressive when you think that in winter months, those paths cannot get much use. Where is BC?

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