Wind Farms


A day that I understand is typical this time of year. Sunshine followed by rain followed by sunshine followed by rain. The beauty of today’s ride is that the gusty wind that accompanies each little rain squall is a tailwind pushing me sweetly and southerly.

I have a little trouble finding my way out of Glasgow but once I am well out of the city, I begin to pick up the National Cycle Network 75, which leads me to Moffatt, Scotland’s first town – at least that is what the sign says going into Moffatt.

By a curious coincidence, at the same time I am about halfway from the top of the UK to my final destination, Bridgend in Wales, I pass through the town of Halfway.

Here comes another rain cloud.


The route today winds through wind farm country. These are impressive and hypnotic. Scotland is able to generate about one third of all its electricity needs through wind power and is striving for 100% by 2020. No more stinky coal in the air I hope.


The views in the rolling hills south of Glasgow extend for miles.



And even though traffic is light on these back roads, there is a dedicated path next to the road for cyclists. Sweet.



More wind farms.


Stats – for Tuesday 11 September 2012

Start: Glasgow
Finish: Moffatt
Distance: 98 km
Time on Bike: 5 hrs 26 min
Average Speed: 17.9 km/hr
Distance to Date: 8,742 km

6 thoughts on “Wind Farms

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  2. I saw similar wind farms all over the northern Spain area when I walked the Camino. One can’t help but wonder why we are not following that movement here on the West Coast where wind is also a constant feature….

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