Zinn Titanium out for a few test rides

It has taken far too long to find time to gather all the parts and assemble this one but it is finally ready.

It is not as elegant looking as the Rivendell but the geometry is meant for my own gangly geometry.

Here  it is before I muster the courage to cut the carbon steerer to its final length.

Ready for the first test ride. Only one brake, no handlebar tape and some simple pedals but I can’t take the suspense any longer.


On the dedicated cycling path.

Now it’s ready for a second test ride. Got pedals now, handlebar tape and brakes front and rear. Smooth ride, very responsive and fits well. A bit of a wet 40km ride.

And now some images of a 50km ride to the Hook of Holland and back. A sweet Sunday outing that concludes with a sunset on the North Sea and moments later a fullmoon rises – a moon that will be eclipsed by the earth’s shadow several hours later.  


9 thoughts on “Zinn Titanium out for a few test rides

  1. Great photos as usual David, your new bicycle is the ‘bees knees’ and looks superb… wishing you many enjoyable and trouble free miles/kms…. long time since we had that farewell cuppa tea in Beaverviewpark RV & Campground at McBride BC on your great adventure across Canada and onward to UK!

    Missed the Lunar eclipse tonight, we had an obscured, cloudy sky here but plenty of online pics of course!

    Best wishes Jill and Dave

    • I still have your eye covers and the Canadian flag stickers I bought from you. All the best!

    • Hope all is well at AIS. Following from my visit, we are determined to find a way to make the IB core more flexible for the kind of things you are doing. Be well.

    • I am so delighted you are there. Must be a very proud moment. Give my best to all the wonderful UWC folks who helped make this happen!

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