Perfect weather for the return trip

We head out from Edam in sunshine, something we are told has been uncommon this summer in the Netherlands.  

 We head first to the port town of Volendam, which used to be one of the most important fishing villages of Europe. And from here we ferry to Marken. Here is Volendam as seen from the ferry.  

 In Marken, as we have seen all along the route, there are signs that remind visitors and residents alike what happened 100 years ago.  

 And if you look closely to the right of the window on this house in Marken, you can see a mark showing how high the water rose in 1916. 

 In a place with lots of canals, we get to cross lots of bridges.  



Some still require a ferry.  

 It’s a hot day requiring lots of water. Leisa has learned to drink without getting off the saddle. 

But there is a nice breeze for the modern day windmills and the tailwind we have enjoyed for three days continues.  

 And finally we return to the Zandam train station where we started the trip three days and 180km earlier. This time the station and its surroundings are in full sunshine.  



And my new bicycle touring companion sits on the train back to The Hague dreaming of the next cycling vacation.  


3 thoughts on “Perfect weather for the return trip

  1. David, Thanks for letting me “accompany” you and Leisa on this trip! I remember Volendam well – either David Rueckel bought me a hat there or I lost a student there! Such fond memories. Welcome home and back to IB reality! Hugs, Sandy

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