A ride worthy of the name of this blog

After creating the CrossCountryCyclist blog to chronicle my trip across Canada, I crossed two other countries, Scotland and England. I have been yearning to cross a few more. Now that I live in Switzerland, that should be easy. The challenge is finding the time.

From a Wednesday night ride to Mont Salève

A block of time just appeared as the impact of Covid-19 has disrupted family plans made for our fall school break. Like so many families each of us is separated from the other geographically. I’m going to head out for a few days of fresh air and reflection.

With Covid-19 cases on the rise everywhere, I know not when this privilege of moving freely about Switzerland will end.

I am sensitive to those already in some form of isolation and quarantine. And I do not want to make things worse for anyone. With this in mind, I will keep my distance from my fellow human beings and avoid conversation. It won’t be a Vipassanā silent retreat but close.

I’m writing this blog as an end in itself. If it happens to be of interest to others that would be a bonus.

Maybe it could be an inspiration to others to enjoy the pace and pleasures of seeing the world one pedal stroke at a time. I feel so privileged to be able to live in Switzerland and want to share its beauty with others. Words and photos are all I have to offer when companionship is not an option.

While the blog is an end in itself, so too is cycling, whether it be for one kilometer or one hundred. But, in homage to the title of this blog, I will nevertheless attempt to cross Switzerland in four or five days from its northeast border with Germany and Austria to its southwest border with France.

Let’s go.

Packing as light but temperatures will be in single digits
Yeah it all fits into two small panniers
And the bike fits in the train

5 thoughts on “A ride worthy of the name of this blog

  1. Hello David, It was great to hear from you again and to hear that you are planning another epic cycling road trip! We were not aware that you are living in Switzerland, another beautiful country with lakes and mountains not unlike BC! We will follow your journey with immense interest as before and note your outlined route is going to take you through our old stomping grounds!

    I refer to our (Jill and me) annual motorcycling trips out of UK from 1985 to 2007 which traversed the varied countrysides of France, Germany, Yugoslavia (while still communist), Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Not all those countries on every trip of course!. I have to say our rides through Switzerland invariably involved riding in the rain and hearing all those cowbells clanging! We were once caught in one of the trans Alps road tunnels during a Stau (long traffic jam) caused by an accident up ahead in the very long tunnel. Not a good place to be stopped on a motorcycle because all the cars and heavy transport trucks, not going anywhere fast, continued to leave their engines running, all the while pumping exhaust gases into the air. Eye watering stuff! For me the best part of Switzerland is their milk chocolate products, not least of which is Toblerone!

    A year ago we did a road trip of our own leaving our rv park in McBride, BC behind, travelling in our motorhome with a cargo trailer to distant Mississauga in the Niagara Falls area to buy a British bike. It is a Centennial commemorative ‘vintage repro’ of the famous Triumph Bonneville, bought to complement my Velocette collection. You may detect a recurring theme here David, whilst we both do own ‘run of the mill’ bicycles with 21 gear deraileurs etc., they continue to gather cobwebs preferring, as we do, to have the assistance of engines in our bikes! The 4,000 ish mile round trip to Mississauga served to realise your stamina and commitment to pure cycling which is such a part of your life, often thinking of you as the miles went by. Being Brit of course I still use miles.

    Anyway, we are looking forward to following your latest adventure and wish you a very safe, trouble free and satisfying journey!

    Best wishes from Jill & Dave at Beaverview RV Park and Campground, McBride, BC Canada

    • Hi David and Jill, what a pleasure to hear from you. After all these years, I am humbled to think you remember me given how many people must visit your park. I remember my stay there fondly. I had a big grassy section to pitch my tent on and slept in the next morning. I complained that the sun comes up too early and you gave me an eye mask which I still have. You also have me some stickers with Canadian flags – one is still on my front fender. I hope all is well. Maybe with Covid-19 there are more campers, eh?

  2. Hi David! So great to hear from you and hear about your next journey! I take vicarious pleasure in following your travels. My friend Julia in Berlin has been cycling all over Europe to keep her sanity in the Covid times. Much love to you!!

    • Hi Vicki – how great to hear from you. I hope you and David and family are well. You may recognize the bike as the one that was shipped to your home. Kind regards, David

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