Across Switzerland here we go

Somewhere in the middle of Lake Constance is the German – Swiss border

So here I go, from Romanshorn, following several rivers that eventually fill Lake Geneva. With that in mind plus heading south has me believing it’s all downhill to Geneva and the French border. But what about those ominous clouds above the lake?

The cows are quiet. Why don’t they have their bells on?

The signposting makes GPS and maps unnecessary.

This area is one of Switzerland’s fruit growing regions. Not just apples but kilometers of other fruits like strawberries.

Fresh drinking water can be found in just about every town. So I only carry one water bottle.

Covered bridges are everywhere.

And uncovered ones too

Is it 2020 or 1920?

Colour brings joy.

I wonder what will happen to these.

So quiet on a Sunday morning in the Swiss countryside. The only quieter place would be a College campus.

Pedaling 50km by just after noon feels like an accomplishment for me.

Take a close look. Something is wrong here. I’m not cycling across Canada for the third time.

A village school. I hope the children painted this themselves.

It’s remarkable how the Swiss make trains run on time. But how do they do this ? Is there a biologist out there who can explain?

Lots to admire here.

A wonderful, spiced hot chocolate in Winterthur after about 80km. This was needed to get up the surprising 17% grade to get to the top of Winterberg.

A helpful sign when approaching railroad tracks.

Made it to the covered bridge in Baden and stopped taking photos as the sunset was chasing me and me it. Arrived in Fisilisbach 18h41. Sunset at 18h31. I lost that race.

136 kilometers today. Main challenge: cold toes

Goodnight. As my mother would say, tomorrow’s another day.

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