From fog to military manœuvres to sunshine

Cycle touring hits a sweet spot between walking and travel by car. With walking, sometimes you don’t cover enough territory in a day to invite unexpected adventure. By car – or train – you cover too much too fast and end up with an adventure deficit.

Today’s cycling did not disappoint in lived experiences. The day began with a frigid foggy ride. At four degrees, wearing most of my layers still left toes and fingers feeling numb.

Eventually it warmed up and the sun broke through.

Another peaceful ride following the Aare, the longest river entirely within Switzerland. And some occasional detours into Medieval towns, a few industrial zones and lots of farms.

The most curious adventure of the day was coming upon Swiss military manœuvres in the deep forest.

Here is the day in photographs.

Full gear checking out the mirror at check out.

Fog in the air and in my bones.

The coat I need.

The right age to instill a love of adventure.

Anyone know what these are? I’m told the Swiss grow them just in case sugar cane products ever became unavailable. Food security includes sugar for your coffee.

Water security too. Did you know public drinking water is kept entirely separate from what goes into and out of your home here.

One of my happy places.

We can do better for the next generation. In 1977 I did my undergraduate thesis on the biological implications of radioactive waste from nuclear power plants. We still have no safe method for disposal that protects the future of humanity.

I love the trails, especially on 44mm wide tires.

But not loving this.

Covid-19 May keep these unsold.

I’m sure you agree, views of the Aare seldom disappoint. Except maybe this one. Total change in wardrobe from the morning cold.

My fuel. About 100km per bag.

Beauty in odd places: under a motorway.

I’m chasing the sunset again.

I will lose this race but only by ten minutes.

Now an uncommon site. A contrail. In the sky and on the water.


4 thoughts on “From fog to military manœuvres to sunshine

  1. You are following the Aare, not the Arve which comes from France through Geneva…
    Those are sugar beets, not to replace cane sugar if needed but actually supplying 2/3 of all sugar in Switzerland.

    • Tim, thanks. Not sure what got me thinking about the Arve to write that instead of Aare maybe because I live next to it). David

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