Lakes and carrots

Two themes today on a peaceful ride from Biel / Bienne to Yverdon les Bains.



But getting to the lakes and fields of carrots meant heading out into this:

Yesterday it was fields piled high with sugar beets, which a helpful reader pointed out provides the people who live in Switzerland with 2/3 of the sugar they consume. Who knew? In case you missed it in the previous blog, here is what one looks like:

I don’t think carrots need an introduction.

I was told by this crew that the carrots will go into cold storage to be released to the market all year long until the next harvest.

The lakes today include Lac de Bienne, Lac de Morat and Lac de Neuchâtel.

Lots of evidence humans have played extensively with all this water. You wouldn’t have carrots or electricity if they didn’t.

Finally the fog lifts to expose the Jura mountains. When I’m not cycling when good weekend weather appears, Leisa and I hike the Jura Crest trail, a slower way to cross the country. After two years, we’re about 1/3 of the way – about as far as the communications tower you can spot on the ridge.

Now back to the lakes.

Some I must drink (couldn’t figure out how to take the photo with one hand pushing the faucet and one hand holding the water bottle so I used my foot).

The SwissMobility App is a gem. Use it. Hi

Spotted this earlier in the day. Anyone know what this is? I have a friend who plays at championship level.

A touch of aesthetic beauty in a bridge built just for walkers and cyclists across a canal.

Now, on the path to my destination today, Yverdon les Bains…

To the west, I have the Jura.

And to the east we can now see the Alps.

Will this new addition last as long as it’s stone brother and sister?

I wish you could smell this. I think it was finished today.

For bird watching.

Or train spotting. Do you see it? It was not in the first photo.

Or admiring a hand built steel bicycle for someone 193cm tall.

A boardwalk to a bird sanctuary seems like a good place to end.

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