Peaceful plateau ride

Perfect conditions for a ride. Windless, cool, stunning and varied views between Lac de Neuchâtel and Geneva. An experience you don’t want to end, like a great meal, a concert, and many other experiences.

Like life itself.

I know. I’m one of the lucky ones.

Two summers ago I had a head on crash with a car and went airborne, bicycle and all, over the vehicle. Didn’t land like Simone Biles but managed a landing with only internal injuries and broke nothing except for parts of the car. Different bike BTW.

I’m sure every reader has had a close call.

Great that we are still here.


From Lake Constance I have been following Swiss national cycle route 5. Today from Yverdon les Bains I switched to cycle route 50 for the views from the foothills of the Jura mountain range. Made the ride much more challenging with elevation changes, 1400m of climbing according to my Garmin Edge 530, but it was well worth it to be up on a kind of plateau above Lake Geneva.

Enjoy the photos

While the horses are gone from town centers, I’m glad the water fountains stayed behind.

These leeks would go well with yesterday’s carrots. In a soup.

Surprising to me at the end of October.

Not sure why they came to see me.

Heading to the route that is about half way up the mountains in the distance.

Look what’s in the village vending machine. Cheese and bread. Mostly cheese.

Crêpe power. Enough for the final 50km to Geneva.

The Alps appear again. If you squint you can see Mont Blanc.

This amateur video attempts to give you a sense of the remoteness on the plateau above Lake Geneva.

Does this really say this?

October leaves in a full barn embrace.

The beauty.

And the incongruity.

From cold toes to toes that need cooling down. And a final refueling.

The highest point on the ride 881m in Longirod. I can see the Jet d’eau in Geneva.

As the sun sets behind the Jura mountains, I pedal on for another half an hour to home and a hot bath.

Maps and some further commentary tomorrow and beyond.

If I were to do it again, I would make it at least five days so no more than 100km needs to be covered in a day. Route 5 and 50 include lots of gravel paths so these are not routes for speedsters on narrow tires pumped up bone rattling hard.

A meditative ride, just what I was looking for. And more.

With about two hundred countries in the world, crossing just four of them leaves lots of adventures to come.

5 thoughts on “Peaceful plateau ride

  1. We really enjoyed taking the tour with you David, your wonderful pictures served to remind us of our many motorcycling trips we made a couple of decades ago. The cycle routes you took must have been such a delight to ride with little to no traffic although I did notice the Swiss Army driving, I think, Russian origin BTR 150 armoured personnel carriers! Very enjoyable ride I’m sure apart from, maybe, the uphill stretches and hot toes as a result!

  2. So beautiful! Good to remember that when so much travel and in-person connection is prohibited these days, one can still get out on the path and share the journey with friends. Gracias, amigo! My friend Julia in Berlin has shared her bike journeys with me as well and she has enjoyed yours!

    • Hi Vicki – thanks for reading. Such curious times we live in. I feel like these breaks away from screens and into nature are really helpful. Come and visit ! David

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