A cycle around Lake Zurich

Here’s one of those rides one does for no other reason that time was available, the rain stopped and I was in Zurich for a few days.

And a long bike ride is always a good way to think through tough decisions.

The Gold Coast side of the lake is more peaceful with little traffic. The opposite side along the lake is not ideal as there is relatively heavy traffic and, while there are bike lanes, most are just dashed yellow lines on a major road. And the bike lanes abruptly end at every roundabout and dump you there to defend yourself. Same for traffic calming islands which may slow drivers but they leave no space for cyclists.

The opposite of calming for those of us on two wheels.

Zurich in the background

Happily, I was not alone as there were hundreds of others cyclists of all ages and shapes. Most Lycra clad some not. New wool jersey for me.

The view down the lake on the other side of the bridge
About halfway down one side of the lake
Did they eat the half that’s missing
Whenever I could, I found some gravel paths
Yikes I can see from the flags that cycling back to Zurich is going to be against a headwind
Looking with my friend at Rapperswil
Signs of the strong wind I’m about to face head on
Peaceful and bucolic on the Gold Coast side of the lake
Worth the visit

A nice way to cycle 75km, especially if there’s no wind. If you have the time, it’s best not to hug the lake on both sides. Go to the Swiss Mobility App and follow Route 32 on one side and 66 on the other. That way you get to see more cows than cars.

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