This is not meant to be a charity ride. However…

At Pearson College, students attend on full scholarships and these scholarships are funded through charitable gifts. If I were not taking this mini-sabbatical, I would be doing everything I could to encourage people to support funding for our scholarships.

If I had two wishes for those who happen upon this page it would be to help us fund two things:

Gifts to replace our fleet of bicycles on campus. We would like to buy a dozen Kona “Africa” bicycles. These are durable bikes built to be tough and reliable. For every three Kona bikes that are purchased, the company donates one bike to a community in an African country where such a gift can make a huge difference.

The second would be a scholarship in recognition of UWCs 50th Anniversary.

Twelve Kona “Africa” bicycles would cost about $5,000. A two year scholarship would cost $80,000 or, if it were endowed in perpetuity, could be done with a gift of $800,000.

Donations can be made on the Pearson College website – just note in the special instructions if you wish to direct the gift.

4 thoughts on “Support

  1. Great to hear of your progress David- familiar roads for Marg & I but not on bikes. Be well – and safe.

  2. Dear David,
    As soon I read about your undertaking in your letter to all the College student’ parents I went to this website. I am Danielle de Jonge’s father from The Netherlands. Danielle has just ended her 2 year College time at Pearson. I am a Graphic Designer (also webdesign) and I must say your website looks really good! No fancy stuff to distract from the core message, just plain photos and text, but still very structured and in some way appealing. Of course I wish you all the luck on your long bicycle trip and just to start a 10000 km trip by bicycle is a awesome decision! I wouldn’t have thought about something like that! But then, I am not in the same physical shape as you are (it’s less, just to be clear…). I would like to make an extra one time donation to UWC, since I think their objectives are good and give talented young people the experience they otherwise would not have dreamt about to be possible! I will visit the website to make my financial contribution for the new college bikes! Best of luck!

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