UWC 50th Anniversary Challenge

In September 2012, UWC Atlantic College, the first United World College, will celebrate its 50th Anniversary. The celebrations to mark the anniversary are meant to be a challenge to:

Celebrate with Action

This seemed like a great excuse to see if I could cycle the 10,000 or so kilometers between Pearson UWC and UWC Atlantic. As UWC Founder, Kurt Hahn, said: “There is more in you than you think.”

In addition to this “action” I want to see if I can have at least one person representing each UWC year since 1962 join me in some part of the ride – or even just visit me in a campground. I will keep the route map up to date showing where I am and I can be emailed at dhawley@pearsoncollege.ca.

Alumni I have seen

Graduation Year
1974-1976 – Richard Yeo (PC)
1975-1977 – Mark Senn (PC), Alan Marsden (PC)
1976-1978 – Lorreen Pindera (PC), Beverley Park (PC)
1977-1979 – Andreas Conradi (PC), Al Sande (PC), Jan Graham (PC)
1978-1980 – Todd van Vliet (PC), James Stringham (PC)
1980-1982 – Francois Jacques (PC)
1981-1983 – Celine Bak (PC)
1982-1984 – Ken Dunham (PC), Benoît Charlebois (PC)
1984-1986 – Becky Halvorson (PC)
1985-1987 – David Pinel (PC)
1986-1988 – Phil Macoun (PC), Marg Enders (AC), Renald Cousineau (PC)
1987-1989 – Sara Nimmo (PC), Michael Gordon(PC), Neyla Kennedy (PC), Chris Kennedy (PC)
1988-1990 – Michelle Gordon (PC), Christine Healy (PC)
1989-1991 – Muge Guher (PC)
1990-1992 – Dwight Grayston (PC)
1991-1993 – Nicole Bichard (PC)
1992-1994 – Laureen Laturnas (PC), Lucy MacDonald (PC)
1993-1995 – Heather Gross (PC) , Alix Wilson (PC), Michael Watson (PC)
1996-1998 – Stephen Doughty (PC)
1999-2001 – Jean-Olivier Dalphond (PC), Fiach OBroin-Molloy (PC), Ryan Murphy (PC)
2000-2002 – Virginie Lavallée-Picard (PC), Hannah McKinnon (PC), Alex Fletcher (PC) Philippe Charlebois (PC)
2001-2003 – Antonia Wynne-Hughes (PC), Mike Cameron (PC), Amy Pieroway (PC)
2002-2004 – Alison Smith (PC), Jamie Boyd (PC)
2003-2005 – Mathieu Isabel (PC)
2004-2006 – Fawn Jackson (PC)
2005-2007 – Christy Drever (PC), Nathan Walker (PC)
2006-2008 – Susanna Klassen (PC), Knut Kitching (AC)
2007-2009 – Andrew Ruban (PC)
2008-2010 – Rachel Singleton-Polster (PC)
2009-2011 – Laurance Jutras (PC), Andrea Abbott (PC), Brandi O’Keefe (PC)
2010-2012 – Esmail Sharafuddin (PC), Aneri Garg (PC), Penelope Kyritsis (AC)
2011-2013 – Chris Gill (PC), Laughlin McKinnon (PC), Erin Bonisteel (PC)

Faculty and Staff, Host families, Parents, Trustees
Tony Macoun
Eileen Dombrowski
Suzanne Tremblay
Chris Blondeau and Morgan Blondeau-Johnston
Barb and Bob Enders
Ken Drever
Francis Saville
Aditya and Smita Garg
The Jackson family
John Skinner and Hugh Skinner
The McKinnon family
The Right Honourable Joe Clark
Peter Dunn

13 thoughts on “UWC 50th Anniversary Challenge

  1. Hey David;

    Am in Somerset now. Even had a wee ride today. Will arrive at AC afternoon 18th. Bike waiting for me there. Can I join you in Llantwit on 19th morning?

    • Hi Marks – sounds good. I am staying in Cowsbridge the evening of Tues 18 Sep (I think at a place called the Bear?). We should confirm timing that night. Only 200 km to go. So excited. Had two days with Alan Marsden, Year 2. He was one of the trio that sailed around the world. He was effusive in his praise for all your support.

      See you soon. D

  2. I’d love to ride with you and I could fill in a gap (1979-81) but you’re not coming to NS, are you? In any case, we’ll likely have left on our trip to Europe by the time you hit the east coast. With you in spirit though.

  3. Hi David: Glad to hear you are in Montreal and hope you’ll enjoy your ride through Quebec. We’re in St John’s on the boat, Charlie 1. Marc flies in tonight from Greenland to join us for a few weeks before he heads back to Pearson. Keep peddling and smiling, Clare and Eric

    • Hi Erik – if you live in Portland than surely you will be cycling to the College, right? I have other bikes, as you can imagine. But I will be taking a break during the reunion. See you soon (I have made it to Ottawa). David


  4. Welcome to Ontario Holiday Land- and happy cycling in those parts. Much nicer than that northern route.

  5. Good Morning David, I have read your blog every day since you left. When I saw you riding all alone in Colwood that first day I could not imagine how you were goimg to manage. Well time has gone by quickly and here you are getting very close to your goal. You have taught me that even at our age(ok I am alittle older then you)that we must continue to dream big. Stay well and keep safe. Know that there are many people out here wishing all the best and admiring your courage and tenacity. take care Bill

  6. it is so enjoyable and exciting following you David. It’s like reading a really good book. Can’t wait until tomorrow’s adventures. L. Hanky Bob

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