Bavarian Landscape


Having set up camp around midnight the night before, I make another slow start from Seeley Lake. I am awakened early though with the cry of loons. I head out of the tent to the marsh to see them where I find instead a woman fully camouflaged with a camera whose lens was at least half her height in length. I ask her if she has seen the loons. She looks at me as if I am looney then gestures to where I should be looking. The confusion was simply that she spoke only German.

A new part of the routine in the morning includes this.


You can use your imagination where I might apply this but as I open the tin whatever mind-smell memory I have reminds me immediately of changing diapers. Yes, Nico and Sophie, I once did that. It is the same when I open the tube of sunscreen and I am transported to the beach in an instant.

Another spectacular day weather wise with ever changing views of snow capped mountains. Here is the view towards Seeley Lake.


In my slow break of camp I get to know my neighbors – the first time I have had anyone else at a campground – mostly by how much noise they make. A family with two young teenagers. It is great they are taking the family outdoors but two curious things I note. The first is that they drive their Dodge Ram 1500 truck about ten meters to get to the woodpile where they load the truck then back up to their roaring campfire to deliver the logs. The second is that they run a generator all day to power a television and I am not sure what else. Couldn’t the children have enjoyed carrying the wood and isn’t the television something to escape from? And with the noise of the generator by their ears, they probably missed the cries of the loon.

Here is an attempt to share the cycling experience with a video taken as I pedal.

And I am working to master the self-timer on the camera but I am not there yet.


The ride today is rolling with no major major climbs. As I approach Smithers with the sun going down it looks more like Bavaria than northern British Columbia.



And another exposure.


I pull into Smithers very late but in time to find a restaurant open. There is an Inn connected to the restaurant and I am curious if they have an inexpensive room. I am thinking a good soothing bath after two weeks would be nice. As I inquire, I notice this sign on the counter.


I think this means it is time for a hot bath.


Start: Seeley Lake
End: Smithers
Distance: 78 km
Average Speed: 18.4 km/hr
Time on Bike: 4;15
Distance to Date: 1,190 km

5 thoughts on “Bavarian Landscape

  1. Loved this post and the amazing video and photos. Glorious. I am getting all the beauty without the pain;)

  2. Hi Dave,

    I enjoyed the video. The landscape is beautiful I vaguely remember seeing this 40 years ago when I travelled through here (in a van). Tom

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