Sky & Train


Rolling terrain today alongside fields and lakes with no strong presence of mountains anymore. Where the mountains gave personality to the first few days out of Prince Rupert, that role is now filled by the sky and clouds. The campgrounds I pass are all empty still.


I managed through just a few light showers and was gently pushed by a sweet tailwind all day. Since starting on the coast, other than my thoughts, my constant companion has been the Canadian National – CN – Railroad. The rail cars have been rumbling next to me night and day. They go east empty and come west full of what these forests are providing China.


In the early 1900s Canada took great pride in building this Grand Trunk Pacific Railway to the west coast. It was accomplished in large measure through the prodigious labor of people from China who had the most dangerous jobs, the poorest living conditions, the highest mortality and were paid a fraction of the wages paid to Canadian labourers.

One hundred years ago these Chinese labourers probably never imagined that what they were building would eventually bring Canadian natural resources on their way to China. Vanderhoof seems to be thriving thanks to the local forests.




Made it to Dave’s Campground just east of Vanderhoof. Immaculately clean and very kind owners. As both Grizzlies and Black Bears have been in the area, she took all my food into her home under lock and key for the evening.


Start: 20 km west of Fraser Lake
Finish: Vanderhoof
Distance: 90 km
Average Speed: 20 km/hr
Time on Bike: 4:30
Distance to Date: 1,481 km

3 thoughts on “Sky & Train

  1. Hi David! Congrats on your fine progress and equally fine chronicles to date! I’m about 3 weeks away from embarking on my Tour de Norway cycling adventure, and I have connected with UWC Flekke with a view to visiting them in early August. Best wishes for sunny skies, sweet tailwinds and happy trails (and tales) ahead!
    Cheers 🙂

  2. Hi David, Simon Thompson here, PC9, 1982-1984. We met briefly for an evening alumni event in a pub in London a few years ago. Don’t expect you to remember me – you must meet loads of alumni – but wanted to let you know that your trip is truly inspirational to me. PC had (and has) a massive influence in my life and has led me down the career path I’ve pursued – high school headteacher in England, where I’ve introduced the IB Diploma into our school. When I met you, you struck me as the sort of inspirational leader PC deserves, and this trip really connects with my own passion for cycling. I did Land’s End to John o’ Groats in 2005 and you have a treat in store at the end of your cross-Canada trip! Wanted to let you know that even alumni who left the college long before you arrived are following you and to wish you all the best for your epic journey. Would love to hook up and ride some miles over a day with you if our diaries fit together when you arrive in the UK. Good luck!! Simon

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