East of the Mississippi

A warm sunny day ride from Grand Rapids to Cloquet Minnesota with a bit of a tailwind all day. Grand Rapids is home to the source of the Mississippi river and it was kind of sad to see that just as the river gets started there is a huge paper mill, very likely beginning the pollution and sediments that are dumped into this river. This is the first time I have seen piles of logs since British Columbia.


And right next to them a huge paper mill.


In any case, another psychological milestone to now be east of the Mississippi river.

I make my way to Cloquet to keep just south of Duluth having heard that Route 2 and the big Interstate highways join on the bridge heading into Duluth. Took Route 33 south to Cloquet and encountered a bathtub sized sinkhole on the shoulder but saw it in time to save myself from what certainly would have been a head over heels fall. I needed this reminder to stay totally alert even when I have good sized shoulders to ride on.

I enjoy the sag wagon and Leisa for a drive into Duluth for dinner. Found the area around the canal surprisingly alive and hip. Duluth is making a real come back with lots to do outdoors. It has used its Industrial history like an artistic backdrop for its revitalization.



Stats -for Sunday 8 July 2012

Start: Grand Rapids
Finish: Cloquet, Minnesota
Distance: 115 km
Time on Bike: 4 hrs 40 min
Average Speed: 24.6 km/hr
Distance to Date: 4,223 km

4 thoughts on “East of the Mississippi

  1. I just happened on your blog, so I wanted to wish you safe and smooth pedaling for the remainder of your adventure. You may not remember me, but we were colleagues far too many years ago at Colegio Lincoln. Since that time I have lived mostly in the Middle East, and now I design custom motorcycles for myself and study languages and travel back to old haunts to correct mistakes and reread books I only understand and wonder why people worry so much. Be safe and my best to your family.


  2. Hi David and Leisa,
    Met Ellie a couple of days ago and she told me about your trip. Sounds absolutely fascinating. I will follow your progress and hope to see you when you get to Ottawa!

  3. Hi David!

    What an inspiring ride! I’ve been reading through your posts and enjoying the adventure and beauty of your expedition. And the challenge! Quite amazing – some days are around 200 km. You must be feeling in incredible shape.

    I’ll now be heading on my own (much less strenuous) voyage to Italy for two weeks, but will be continuing to follow your inspirational journey, and looking forward to your arrival in Ontario.

    Continued good luck!

  4. I am still loving following your adventures. Congratulations on the Mississippi crossing. A ‘watershed’ moment! So glad you have Leisa and the sag wagon for moral support. I biked last week and thought of you and your inspirational trip often. Keep on peddling and know you have avid readers!

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