Crossing the Continent from west to East, from Pearson College – Victoria, British Columbia to St John’s Newfoundland, then getting across the Atlantic Ocean somehow and cycling from John O’Groats to Land’s End, UK, arriving in Wales at UWC Atlantic College in time to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the UWCs. Cycling about 10,000 km.

As of September 18 Cowsbridge, Wales

The summary outline of target dates assuming, on average, about 100 km per day. This means if I take a day off, it would require two 150 km days to stay on the schedule. All of this is subject to radical change depending on weather, roads, wind, the fitness of the rider.

Tuesday 4 Sept 2012 – Monday Sept 10 2012
John O’Groats to north of Glasgow

Tuesday 11 Sept 2012 – Thursday Sept 13 2012
Glasgow to Slaidburn

Friday 14 Sept 2012 – Tuesday Sept 18 2012
Slaidburn to Cardiff

Tuesday 18 Sept 2012 – Wednesday 19 Sept 2012
Cardiff to Bridgend and UWC Atlantic College

For the Canadian portion of the trip:

Monday 28 May 2012 – Saturday 2 June
From Pearson College to Port Hardy, BC (525 km) – then Ferry to Prince Rupert

Sunday 3 June – Wednesday 6 June
Cycle perimeter of Haida Gwaii (150 km)

Thursday 7 June – Sunday 17 June
Prince Rupert, BC – Jasper, AB (1,100 km)

Monday 18 June – Wednesday 27 June
Jasper, AB – Saskatoon, SK (1,200 km)

Thursday 28 June – Sunday 15 July
Saskatoon, SK – Sault St. Marie, ON (2,000 km)

Monday 16 July – Sunday 22 July
Sault St. Marie, ON – Ottawa,ON (900 km)

Monday 23 July – Saturday July 28
Ottawa,ON – Quebec City, QC (450km)

Sunday 29 July – Friday 13 August
Quebec City, QC – North Sydney NS  (1,224km)

Memramcook NB – Wednesday August 8th

Charlottetown PEI – Thursday August 9th

North Sydney NS – Monday August 13th

St John’s NL – Wednesday August 15th!!!!

40 thoughts on “Route

  1. Hi David,

    There will be lots of alumni in St. John’s for Ryan and my wedding as well as another Pearson couple getting married on the 25th. We are hoping to have a gathering happening and your arrival would be a great excuse. Please let me know if you can, what date you are anticipating being in St. John’s as we’d love to see you!

    -Raïsa & Ryan

    • I guess you have heard that I will be arriving in St John’s late Wed afternoon 15 August. I fly back to Pearson late Thurs 16 August for a 30 yr reunion. Christine Healy is organizing something for Wed night I believe.

  2. Roll on!! Wondering if you are going through Algonquin Park. Such beauty there. Potluck sounds like a great goal. Hi to the crowd there. Continued journey mercies.

    • Hi Christine,
      A bunch of Pearsonites are thinking of doing something at Fixed Coffee and Baking which is owned by two Yr. 32 alumni on the 16th. Send me an e-mail at if you have been in touch with David. Hope to meet with you!

  3. Hi David and Lisa, I remember how jealous I was when you did this trip from East to West. Will you have any time to get together in Boston at the end of this trip? I would like to have a BBQ in honor of your completion of the ride. Love, John and Julie

    • How sweet to hear from you. Not sure when I will be in Boston next. After the Canada crossing I go back to the college for a reunion then to Scotland for the second leg of the trip. Let’s keep in touch – best to you and Julie and Sam.


  4. Great to see your progress. And that you are taking on the Manitoba mosquitos after all. Where will you celebrate Canada Day? Bet you are getting a good 20km extra per day with your good wife by your side (so to speak). Keep going well.

    • It is great having her with me indeed. Had a peaceful but very hot Canada Day cycling south in Manitoba. Will tuck into the US in a day or so I the thunderstorms let up here. D

  5. Hope we can meet up in MJ and if you have time show you around my home town area. A cousin of Doug’s has been following you since my arrival and has now signed up to be a follower. Donna is glad that you have changed your route. Do you and Leisa think you will have time to come to Avonlea and meet my relatives that are now following you? We will understand if you can’t but Avonlea is celebrating their 100th the July 1st weekend. But we are hoping to see you at least for a picture.

    Cheryle Watson

  6. David,
    The alumni in Ottawa are looking forward to hosting you when you get to Ottawa. Really enjoying your blog and the excellent photographs. I will track your progress and reach out when you are closer.
    Mark PC Year 2

    • Hi Mark – that sounds great. I have seen alumni from 16 out of 50 years of UWC so far. Yes, let’s increase that in Ottawa. Thanks for reaching out.


  7. David, Uncle Paul and I are sorry we are not on your route. Lorraine skyped us from Mexico to let us Know about your trip. We remember Your adventure in the 70s. hope you find meatballs and spagetti on the way. fondly Aunt Martha

  8. Well done on getting into Alberta. Hopefully you will tick off a few more of those 50 class years passing through Edmonton.

  9. Linda and Tom told me about this yesterday at Mikayla’s graduation party. I’ll ride with you every day now.

  10. Wooooow! =)
    Amazing adventure!
    I am a Mostar graduate ’09 living in Edinburgh. If by any chance your journey takes you here let me know and I’ll either host you, or find a couch or garden for your tent in any of my beloved edinburgh uwcers flats.
    Happy and safe cycling!

  11. I live in the high peak, in Furness Vale, ( Roughly South of Manchester) I was a 82-84 student. You have a bed with us and I would love to cycle with you in our area. When you have your Uk route will check you out again.

  12. hey David, recently got back from my vacation, not realizing you had started out already until talking with Jim O last night. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to talk before you began. I’ll be following along and recalling our trip, in reverse. Might even bring my bike to Canada for a short ride depending on many variables.

    your saddle looks old school — is that leather?

    good luck, pb

    • So great to hear from you. Everything on the bike is updated old school. Steel frame, leather handlebar tape and the seat, Brooks B17, the same model I sat on in 1977. Hope we might connect later in the summer. D

  13. David, it’s a pity your itinerary doesn’t get you any close to Mexico. Helás! Make sure you have some energy left for when you are back in Pearson! Congrats and the very best ride for you,

  14. Don’t forget you always have a bed in Twickenham! We hope the journey goes smoothly, with good weather and no problems.

  15. All the best David on this inspiring journey! Look forward to hearing about your adventures in November!

    Rick (AC 1995 – 1997)

  16. Hello David,

    Quite a journey!

    If you need a place to stay in Bristol UK (nearly at the end by then…) and the UK’s first “cycling city” do get in touch!

    Good luck!

    Emma Hallett
    AC 89 -91

  17. David, will you post some time lines? I’d love to catch you for a few kilometers around Edmonton….

    Todd Van Vliet

  18. I see the map has you hopping through the water on the north shore of the StLawrence… hopefully your real route will be on land, and through NB to NS and to the ferry in North Sydney, thence to Port aux Basques and on to St. John’s. Hopefully, we will find some riders to join you for that route through Atlantic Canada!!!

  19. what have you got against Manitoba? you know, aside from the usual: the worst weather, anywhere, mosquitos the size of mammals, and the corner of Portage and Main? Actually, we (Canada) were thinking of asking you (US) if you wanted to trade Manitoba for Minnesota.

    • Nothing against Manitoba. The Google maps bicycle route planner from the west coast to the east coast of Canada tucked me under Lake Superior. So blame Google. Peace

    • Being from Manitoba I would like to say at least we have the friendliest mosquitoes around!
      Fawn PC 2004-2006

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