500 of these “Hours” to go

The best bike touring advice I ever received was to never ride more than about one hour without a break. On my first cross country trip I followed this faithfully, pulling over onto the side of the road no matter where I was. We gave ourselves a flexible window of about 10-15 minutes if it meant reaching a town or place where we could get food and water. So today’s little training “hour” was from Pearson College to a Starbucks in Esquimalt. The Cateye computer gives the details of the “hour”:

Length of “Hour”:76 minutes
Distance Covered: 27km
Average Speed: 21 km/hour

The trip I have planned – from the southern tip of Vancouver Island to the northern tip then to Haida Gwaii then to Prince Rupert to St John’s Newfoundland…then from the top to the bottom of Great Britain – is about 10,000km. At an average speed of 20km/hour that’s about 500 hours of cycling to get ready for. I wonder how many calories that will require?




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