Training Ride and Training Blog from the Road

I am about to head off from Pearson College on a test ride. Trying out the new pair of Schwalbe Supreme tires and trying out blogging from my iPhone.

Here is a photo of the tires I have replaced:


And another


These are Grand Bois Blue 33mm but actual width is about 30mm.

Here are the new tires:


And another:


They are listed as 700c x 42mm. The actual width on my rims measure about 37mm. They are inflated to 50 psi and roll firmly and smoothly.

Before I leave I notice a room birthday going on on my deck. Here they are:


1 thought on “Training Ride and Training Blog from the Road

  1. Dave,

    So jealous of your trip but not so jealous of the effort needed to sustain forward travel. Keep up the pace! B T W I have a free application on my cellphone called “”. It tracks your trip in detail using GPS. It also stores the information graphically for later review, if you pay extra. I think it’s worth it as you can slice and dice the data later on……Just a thought… Happy trails!!!
    Watch out for the bears (and moose(s))! Tom

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