Inner Beauty

The ferry run from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert is breathtaking. The boat stops its rolling once it tucks into the Inner Passage. Within the first hour we see a finback whale, lots of porpoises and a pod of Orcas. We are on a new ferry boat, a replacement of the one that struck a rock and sank a few years ago. As a result of that accident, procedures of accounting for passengers is like flying even more so: you have to show your identification to get on and to get off.

The stunning views as showers and sun play with each other all day long are better seen than described.





It has taken a whole week to finally meet two other bicycle tourers. Two young and happy carpenters from Switzerland. They are doing a circular route from Calgary to Vancouver then Victoria to Port Hardy to Prince Rupert to Jasper back to Calgary in two months. I neglect to get their names so if they read this, let us know.


The sun sets as we power out of Prince Rupert and shortly after the moon rises. The best place on earth?




Canada Day is coming.


And the moon rises but gets caught behind the clouds.


3 thoughts on “Inner Beauty

  1. Love the pictures and the journey! Wish I could have join Phil and Dad (Tony) in joining you on the adventure but will follow you this way instead… All the best and enjoy the Charlotte’s.

  2. Wow! Beautiful pics, David. Keem ’em coming!!

    BTW, a friend of mine who specializes in animal pyschology recently speculated that wearing a hat with eyes on the back of it might help deter cougars so maybe the hat you saw really would do the trick. 🙂

    Stay safe and be kind to your body until it gets a little more used to its new routine!

    • Thanks. I also understand cougars are attracted to pony tails – some runners with pony tails have been attacked. Maybe reminds the cougars of other animals.

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