Into the Rockies

About to head into the Rocky Mountains and likely no wireless contact for two days or so. But I am stocked up on food for 48 hours – here is some of it.


And here is what I would take too but they don’t fit in my panniers, only in my mind.


My goal for today is to reach the Grizzly Den Provincial Park and Protected Area. Not the most inviting name.

4 thoughts on “Into the Rockies

  1. Hi David following you and the GrassRoutes cyclists on your epic journeys. We found some of your early entries extremely useful as Oscar began his final prep before heading off for Calgary yesterday. All being well they meet up in Calgary today. Can’t wait to be able to join you on part of your UK leg … best wishes Emma

  2. Enjoy the mountains! Great bakery in Jasper – Bear’s Paw. Stock up on some fresh baked goods 🙂 Oh and if you’re camping in Jasper, Wapiti is nicer than Whistlers in my opinion!

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