North Holland with novice to bicycle touring

How sweet is it when something you love to do is shared with someone you love?

Pretty sweet. After years of talking about touring together, last weekend another bicycle joined the extended bicycle family: A nearly new Gazelle Madeo Trekking Dames. Here it is ready for its first adventure. 


And here is its new owner (the one on the left). 


We head out to explore the curious historical landscape north of Amsterdam and only have three days to do so we get ourselves  closer by hoping on a train to Zaandam. 

The architecture of the Zaandam train station and environs are fun and funky. 

And soon we are along historical canals crowded with windmills and windmill gawkers. 

You have to hand crank your way across some of the canals on self-captained micro barge ferries connected shore to shore by a chain. 

 While other crossings have paid professional ferry operators. 
Bucolic scenery all day with little traffic of any kind. 


 After a full 70km day we arrive at the village of Opperdoes and the Opperbest Bed and Breakfast with one guest room and a wonderful four course meal prepared by the B&B owners. They welcomed us as family and we shared the meal and conversation with them. Sweet indeed. 

10 thoughts on “North Holland with novice to bicycle touring

  1. The photos are fabulous! Feel as if I am riding on your shoulders and seeing parts of Holland I didn’t get to enjoy….even though 16 trips tothe area! What a fabulous weekend!

    • Hi Sandy – always wonderful to hear from you. Come to the next Model UN in The Hague and add on a bike trip – happy to be your guide.

  2. WOW! What a lovely surprise to hear / see from Cross Country Cyclist again. Congratulations to the new recruit! Photos are great … as they always were. I wish you both happy cycling trips. i am enjoying my new home in Fairfield very much. Just 4 minutes off Dallas Road so Chance gets his early morning run right on the beach while I walk it some meters behind! Thank you for re-introducing the Cyclist Touring News, and best wishes for more good times ahead, wherever …. Aileen McC >

    • Hi Aileen – Leisa and I have such fond memories of our time living on Moss Street so we know the area well and the beautiful vistas and foggy days too. So happy you are happy there.

  3. Thant is so exciting!!!

    Have fun and we can all do a spin class when you return to Boston 😁

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