A glorious day for a bike ride

From Châteaux de Vullierens – Jardins des Iris to Coppet

Followed the cycle route 473 then the 50 to Coppet

Lots of free from cars agricultural roads .

Llamas or Alpacas?

Fresh water in every town square.

A glacier or a carrot cover?

Why are they selling bottled water?

This is what cyclist drink from here.


Mont Blanc seems muscular today off in the distance.

At the foot of the Jura mountains before heading down to Lake Geneva.

A sweet way to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.

3 thoughts on “A glorious day for a bike ride

  1. Dearest David, As I sit over looking the strait of Juan de Fuca, and reading your email I am so happy to be in touch. Susn is loving her new job and I am enjoying retirement. I spend my days cooking, cleaning and with spring, working outside. Each week one or more of the grandchildren need looking after when thier parents have something important to do. This is the most fun. Susan plans to work one more, at least, year. Then hopefully we will be able to travel. If health and money hold out. Keep your wheels on the road and your feet on the peddles. And many hugs to Leisa.

  2. Love love love this post – so fun to see where you are going. Our irises are in full bloom as well; stunning!

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