Resting on Île d’Orléans

After two long days of riding in high heat, I decide to take a rest day. I am well cared for by Peter and Judi Dunn and the day begins with all the fruits in season for breakfast.

Peter shows me around both Île d’Orléans and Quebec City on a glorious day of weather. We get to see bicycle time trials going on just below the Plains of Abraham. He also takes my bicycle and me to “Veloman”, the city’s best bicycle mechanic. It is time for yet another new chain.

So I get a rest, my bike gets a new chain and I get ready for the next day with a walk to see the sunset behind Quebec City.


Stats – Saturday 28 July 2012 – Rest Day

Start: Île d’Orléans
Finish: Île d’Orléans
Distance to Date: 6,283 km

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