A new home a new place to cycle

0AC4EB17-1459-4274-8EA6-FE17E3CB3800While the move to Geneva took place in August 2017, it took until this weekend to assemble something other than a fixie for city cycling. So here are some photos of a quick Sunday ride along lake Geneva with my dear Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen.

Cycling around the lake is about a 200 km affair. Not something you can do when you finish assembling a bicycle in October at 2pm. The first stop is for some caffeine.

The route begins in busy Geneva but in just a few kilometers, the city is quickly left behind. The recommendation is to go clockwise, which I am doing.


The sky and corresponding weather is full of surprises for the next three to four hours. I have to take out the rain jacket and put it on and off many times.


The route is very well marked, maybe even too well. It is the Tour du Léman 46.


Whoever chose the route made sure it was on roads with almost no traffic. I hardly saw a car for much of the route and did not see a single cyclist. Maybe it is getting too cold and wet for most.


Like the bicycle routes in the Netherlands, cutting across fields is common. Here they have recently harvested a kind of turnip or Swede. I think to feed cows. I’ve heard this is a cross of some kind between a cabbage and a turnip, cultivated originally right here in Switzerland. You can see a pile of them on the right.


You are never far away from clean drinking water in Switzerland.


And lots of evidence of the season.


After turning around in Nyon, and as the odometer notes that I’ve done a 60 km round trip ride, I find myself back home in Geneva with the jet d’eau being blown sideways in a strong wind. Great to be back on a touring bicycle.





2 thoughts on “A new home a new place to cycle

  1. Love your photos and updates, David. I feel as if I am traveling the world without leaving home. My news…..going to be grandma again on November 17′

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