Moved to the Netherlands so I’m building a new bicycle

Here are a few photos as a wee motivation for blogs on this bicycle building project to come.


After moving in January 2015 to The Hague, seeing all the cycling life and how easy it would be to cross countries from here compared to Canada, I ordered a custom titanium frame.


The frame was built by the tall-cycling-person expert, Lennard Zinn, in Boulder, Colorado. In addition to the frame, I ordered a crankset 200mm in length, proportional to my leg dimensions. It would have been a challenge to put this on my Rivendell A Homer Hilson, which I am happy to sell to another adventurer.


I will build this up from scratch, component by component, I hope to last a lifetime. Well. given it is made of titanium, for many lifetimes. The Netherlands, as most of the world knows, is a great place to ride. Here is the scene just a few kilometers from my new home. Dedicated bicycle lanes along the dunes. Paradise, even on a cold afternoon. Dreaming of rides to come.



And of course, our other bicycles. Single speed granny bikes that cost 149 Euros each.